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Psychologies Luxe, November 2012

Even after a long tiring flight from Rio de Janeiro, Elena is ready to talk about Ivo Pitanguy for hours, such deep impression was made upon her by just the most eminent plastic surgeon in the world. Professor of Medicine and founder of the Brazilian school of plastic surgery, he could not resist her persistence and great desire to open a world-class beauty clinic in Moscow and invited her to his mecca.

Elena Narukova’s interview to Psychologies Luxe magazine.

Psychologies Luxe, November, 2012.


🔸business-woman; 🔸эксперт в области красоты и здоровья, дипломированный валеолог; 🔸авторские рецепты и кулинария; 🔸все о похудении (-52 кг)

Елена Нарукова
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