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The world of beauty with Elena Narukova

Elena Narukova visited two countries at a time: Singapore and Indonesia. There, she both rested, and also brought a lot of useful information for the clinic El Villa.

The ocean, the sun, Balinese massage under the palm trees, what can be even better! One can feel here fantastic here simply from the fact that can just breath the air and swim every day. For Elena this is the best fitness. Diving gives natural exercise stress. But as Elena is a great admirer of manual massages, the daily Balinese massage is  Holy work for her.

Елена Нарукова после балийского массажа. (фотография)  Елена Нарукова в Храме на острове Бали. (фотография)

Singapore is an unusual place on Earth, where there is a special unique atmosphere, with its Oriental traditions. And as Elena is a person engaged in business, so she visited this country with pleasure, of course with her own purpose.

 Елена Нарукова у символа Сингапура – морского льва. (фотография)  Елена Нарукова в национальном парке орхидей. (фотография)


🔸business-woman; 🔸эксперт в области красоты и здоровья, дипломированный валеолог; 🔸авторские рецепты и кулинария; 🔸все о похудении (-52 кг)

Елена Нарукова
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