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The book “I got all myself!”

I’m sure that each of you will find here something important that will help change your life. After all, to be beautiful, slim, and healthy is everyone’s wish.

After losing52 kilograms, I was able to change my life, basically turning it upside down. The result exceeded all expectations. This was the starting point for a new life.

Feeling slim and fit, I left my inhibitions in the past. To look like that, I had to let go of a lot of things, but I have no regrets, because we only aquire by giving away. The most important for me was freedom, independence and confidence that I gained. I now have two lives, “before” and “after”. Everything that I got, I carry as a crystal and I have no right to stumble. Do not think that it’s easy, because to look well-groomed and beautiful takes a lot of hard work.  But when there is a goal and something to strive for, you forget the hardship.  The most important thing is harmony of the soul, inner peace and, of course, love. Alas, life is very boring without love. We all want someone to love us and when we feel it, we become even more attractive. Inimitable Coco Chanel once observed: “Old age is no defense against love, but love protects against old age.”

I am grateful to all who supported and understood me. The only people who surround me now are those near and dear to me. I love you very much! Thank you for being with me. Be happy, take care of yourselves, because I really need you!


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«I got all myself!»


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