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   As years went by, I began to realize what a huge impact on human life our attitude towards everything that surrounds us and what happens to us, has. Of course, we cannot change the inevitable and realize that, in life, everything should be as it should be. The only thing that we can do is press the secret spring that is inside every one of us. We ourselves are responsible for our attitude towards life.

Once, being out of breath from excess weight and having a bunch of inhibitions because of my obesity, I suddenly decided: I cannot live like that anymore! So deliberately, step by step, I started my journey into the world of harmony. It happened not as fast as I wanted it to, but my persistence won, and in the end I lost 52 kilograms and was able to maintain my weight for five years now!

My belief in myself, in my ability to achieve any goal I set for myself helped me to achieve this. These are important conditions for a full and meaningful life, but of course passion is the secret code of success, it makes those who possesses it very happy.

That passion allowed me to turn my boring and monotonous life into something meaningful and interesting. The first thing I learned was to respect yourself, my body and my organism. Believe me, nobody knows us better than we do ourselves! I learned how to listen to myself and to hear myself and others. Yes, working on yourself is not an easy job. But I worked hard and eventually changed my life and my destiny. I managed to get the most out of what was given to me by nature, to develop my skills in such a way that allowed me to re-create myself as I am now and to love myself. It is not easy to become a person that one would like to be, but it should start with a strong desire.

I traveled the world, studying and learning from the experience in best clinics and famous spa resorts of Europe and Asia; I tested almost all methods and procedures in the field of diet therapy, massage, and thalassotherapy. I studied with Dr. Bergel (International Institute of Spa Therapy). I felt strong enough to exchange my habitual lifestyle for the one in which I cultivate health, beauty and longevity.

I was able to completely transform myself and basically create myself anew. And now I want to share my experience and knowledge, and, based on my own personal example, to show how to do it to those, who want and seek to change themselves and their lives for the better. After all, beauty and health are the basis of happiness and success! Talking with people who professionally solve beauty problems, I gained invaluable experience! Now I am working on bringing to life my idea of building a suburban EL VILLA clinic. My copyrighted method of weight loss, facial and body treatments, spa treatments, full recovery after plastic surgery, as well as a health food restaurant and boutique hotel will soon open their doors.

I invest into this business that I sincerely believe in all my energy and emotions! If you believe in it too, I would be happy to share with you my personal secrets and invite you to my temple of beauty and health that is EL VILLA.

While the main building of El Villa clinic is under construction, you can restand improve your health, make adjustments to your body and weight in a small health center. This cozy place on the edge of forest will help you to take a break from daily hustle and bustle and to be alone with yourself for a few days.





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